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WWDD Candle: Sequin Dolly Parton Candle


What would Dolly Do?

Your best friend be like:  Honey in this life there is no time to piddle and do-diddle around. Always represent yourself with grace and country class. Don't let judgmental mean spirited fold drag you down. Girl, love yourself, kill 'em with kindness and light this natural soy candle and enjoy essential oils of pear, agave, rise, cherry blossom amber, and dark musk to create the prefect babe blend of floral, fresh and and exotic smells. 

Size: 9oz. 

*cruelty free, and contain no gross goop. No carcinogens, no parabens, no phthalates

Dimensions: 3.3" l x 3.3" w x 3.3" h