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End of Summer Mystery Bags

4 Tops
3 Bottoms
OOTD 3pc min
2 Suprise Me

For you Queens that want a deal… Our End of Summer Mystery Bags are ready!

These fun dicounted items are a bag full of suprises! 

Pick your size and style choice and the rest is a mystery! 

Whats fun is you get a deal, and a suprise, with these pre packaged bags! 

Styles include: 4 Tops for $40, 3 Bottoms for $40, OOTD bag with a minimum of 3 pcs including at least one apparel minimum and an accessory or maybe even two! ;), or 2 Suprise Me Items for $40 that will be a jumpsuit, romper, set , or dress peice collection … ALL FOR $40!! What a deal! 

*Final Sale Item. Items at disounted rates

*normal shipping rates apply

*while supplies last